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Bucherscheinung: Industrial Heritage Sites in Transformation. Clash of Discourses

Im August 2014 erschien der vorliegende Sammelband zu Industrial Heritage in Europa:

Harald A. Mieg, Heike Oevermann (Hrsg.)

Industrial Heritage Sites in Transformation: Clash of Discourses

The management of industrial heritage sites requires rethinking in the context
of urban change, and the issue of how to balance protection, preservation/
conservation, and development becomes all the more crucial as industrial
heritage sites grow in number. This brings into play new challenges—not
only through the known conflicts between monument preservation and contemporary
architecture but also with the increasing demand for economic
urban development by reusing the built heritage of former industrial sites.

This book explores the conservation and change of industrial heritage
sites in transformation, presenting, and examining several European and outer European case studies.
The interdisciplinary approach of the book connects a diversity of
rationales and discourses, including monument protection, World Heritage
conventions, urban regeneration, urban planning and design, architecture,
and politics. This is the first book to deepen the understanding of industrial
heritage site management as a networked, multidimensional task involving
diverse social agents and societal discourses.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Webseite des Routledge Verlages.